Why one has to check the curriculum of a play School before choosing?

Long gone are the days when children used to understand things slowly. Considering today’s scenario, one thing is crystal clear and that your child needs a perfect platform to develop socially, emotionally, physically, and psychologically. Children have this innate power to learn anything that they see, hear, and understand. It doesn’t matter how many days it takes to learn that thing, but you will see your kid imitating that action.  To sharpen the skills and promote the developments, parents always look for the best play school near my location. But amid all the selection process, you forget that the main thing which categorizes a playschool is its curriculum. Since you fail to choose the playschool based on their teaching ways and schedules, we will tell you the importance of paying attention to the curriculum details before finalizing the school. 

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Not every kid has the same IQ power

Even though your kid will be in a class full of children belonging to the same age group, not everyone will be as intelligent as your child. Some kids will be sharper than your kid while some will be a slow learner. So, if you’re not paying attention to the curriculum, you won’t be able to understand whether the play School will be perfect for your kid or not. For example, if the school plans a schedule having too many activities and lessons, your child may not cope up with the pressure. 

  • Special kids always need special treatment

Before you make the final decision about the play School, you have to check whether its curriculum has rooms for special classes meant for special children. Let’s say your girl is very shy and always keeps herself away from socializing with others. So, if the chosen play School doesn’t pay attention to group activities, your child’s social skills will never get developed. As a result, she will never be able to interact with other kids’ properly in kindergarten or primary schools.

  • Toddlers can only be taught through fun activities

Many play schools are there like Pipschools, which arranges a curriculum based on fun activities, both physical and mind games. So, when you choose a preschool, mix your that their curriculum includes several physical. And psychological activities through which the children will a taught. That’s why the curriculum should be such that the activities will increase the interest of the toddlers and not demean them.  

Conclusion for Searching play school near my location

While choosing the play School near my location, you have to check the curriculum, no matter from where do you have got the referral or how enticing the feedbacks sound.

Why a nursery school franchise is the most lucrative option for amateurs?

There are several kinds of schools you can find in India, starting from the preschools to the higher secondary ones. Because of these variations, the education industry is becoming quite popular in recent years and also lucrative. Many new entrepreneurs are planning to start school as their new business like nursery school franchise, thanks to the increasing demand for proper education in both villages and cities.

However, amongst all these, it is the nursery school franchise which has become the most profitable business in the entire Indian economic market. Well, yes, some people are out there who have shown a lot of distaste in starting a business under an established franchiser. But, many surveys have shown that a franchise nursery is way more successful than a new name.

So, to clear your confusions and give you a glimpse of the reality, here are some of the reasons for which the franchise nurseries will never drain your money out.

Play school franchise low investment

The franchiser already has an established business like nursery school franchise of PIPS

The franchise is already established in the market. There is no need to start everything from scratch, be it obtaining the registration from the Indian Educational board or buying a plot for starting the school. Since the franchiser name is already a known one in the market, you won’t have to spend money on the preliminary steps for opening a nursery school in India.

  • No need to spend money on promotions

With franchisers like Pipschools, you won’t have to worry about promotions. When someone starts a business from scratch, he or she needs to promote the business, first locally, and then globally. This promotion process takes years to yield some fruitful results. But, with a franchiser, you won’t have to wait for so long as there is no need to spend extra money on the promotional channels, be it the pamphlets or the online advertisements.

  • Your business will take a max of one month to kick start

Unlike any other business, a nursery school franchise business will kick start within a month of its opening, provided you have met the demands of the education industry properly. So, with the franchise, there is no need to wait for months and years to climb one step of the stairs of success.

  • Trust and credibility can be built easily with parents

Lastly, you can easily build a relationship of trust and credibility with the parents and the children. As the brand name is already an established one, the parents will trust your school because of the franchiser.


Here, we have described only the major reasons for which a nursery franchise will be the most lucrative business options for amateurs. Apart from these, you will discover a lot more reasons as you will go on for years with this business line.

Tips for choosing the perfect playschool curriculum for your kid

India is gradually becoming advanced in terms of education because of which you can see so many different schools and colleges being setup in every corner of the country. But, a decade ago, preliminary education was frowned upon as many expert people said a child’s primary education should be in a secondary or a higher secondary school. However, their vision became a curse for children because they had to handle a lot of pressure as compared to their age. For searching play school in your near by are you can search “play school near my location” on google.

This is when many entrepreneurs came forth with the idea of creating preschools for babies and toddlers. These schools run on a completely different curriculum, which includes several factors essential for the growth of a child in his early years. Rather than burdening a kid with lots of home works and lessons, playschools focus on the interim development of a child.

That’s why you need to pay extra attention to the curriculum of the chosen play school near my location. Here, in this article, we will discuss some of the points that will help you in the long run for choosing a school whose curriculum will match with your kid’s needs.

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The curriculum must be a mix of fun and study

The very first criterion to match with the curriculum is the presence of both fun elements and study lessons in equal proportions. The schedule must not contain too many educational classes since that will scare your child. Also, it shouldn’t have too many fun classes which will destroy the discipline of the playschool.

  • It should have interactive sessions and group works

No matter what kind of curriculum you love, the one you will choose should have interactive classes like telling about hobbies, what the kids did at the weekends, and other such activities. Also, it should accommodate group classes like group projects, paintings, and so on.

  • The curriculum must have different styles of learning

Not every kid can learn a certain thing at the same rate. So, make sure that the playschool’s curriculum has options for different learning styles, like special classes for slow learners, or for kids who are quite stubborn to learn anything. Playschools like Pipschools focus on such learning schedules where the teachers will be able to focus on different kids based on their capability and development rate.

  • It should be formulated by a preschool expert

Lastly, always choose a play school near my location whose curriculum has been designed by a child expert. It can be a child psychologist or a preschool certificate holder. This will ensure that the curriculum has all the features of a standard preliminary school.


Since your baby wouldn’t understand what the meaning of higher education is or how to hold the pencil in a proper way, you need a school which will work on her flaws as well as virtues and develop them accordingly. And for this, you have to pay attention to the curriculum of the play school.

Why a playschool franchise is a lucrative option for business?

Establishing a school all on your own is one of the most challenging jobs, all thanks to the fact that parents usually show an issue of mistrust when it comes to educational institutes. As a parent, they have the right to judge the schools based on the experience and market reputation since they only want what’s the best for their kids. Unfortunately, all these things are heightened in the case of playschools because it is the place where kids get their preliminary education. 

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Considering this, we think that starting your preschool is quite a difficult job and with very low ROI. This is mainly because several playschools are there in the competition from beforehand, and some of them have gained the trust of the parents completely. So, to surpass them in this completion will prove to be extremely daunting. 

For this reason, it is better to follow the footsteps of a popular name rather than building something from scratch whose foundation would never become strong, not at least in the coming two or three years. But, if you still are hesitant about the concept of the cheapest play school franchise, here are some of the benefits of a franchise that you will be able to enjoy. 

No Worries of Establishing Your School

One of the main reasons for which owning a franchise is a good idea is because of its worriless nature. No matter what business you are planning to start. It needs a lot of strategies, starting with business strategies to the financial ones. It is here where most people suffer deathblows since drawing up all these plans is not easy. But with a franchise, you won’t have to worry about all these plans since they have already been established, probably decades ago. 

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Curriculum and Other Guidance Will Be Provided By the Franchiser Itself

If you think that you aren’t ready for starting a school and managing everything, you are highly delusional. This is because franchisers like Pipschools will offer you all the needed guidelines so that you won’t have to wander about looking for help. They will provide you with the guidelines for choosing teachers, managing the curriculums, establishing the fees, and other things related to the management of the playschool – Pip Schools.

No Need to Promote the Business

With the cheapest play school franchise, there is no need to think about the promotion of the business. The brand name of the franchiser’s business is already established. Hence, you just open a new branch in your locality which means, that promotional events can be ignored. 

cheapest play school franchise


Many people think that establishing a franchise is a hectic job. But, in reality, these franchises are quite good for people who love to open educational centers for children, especially toddlers. 

How a play school is different from home education?

In today’s world, finding the best play school is a real challenge, one that parents are quite wary of. They know that their one small mistake will have a huge consequence on their toddler’s life. That’s why many prefer home education till the time their kid becomes mature enough to get admitted in a kindergarten or a primary school. 

Even though they think that educating the kids at home is a good solution to their problems, in reality, home education can never meet the standards of a play school near me.

A play school might sound to be just a meagre institution where kids are allowed to play and play and play. But, if we delve deep, we will understand these are far different from just being a “play centre.” Considering this, we have decided to give an insight into the benefits of admitting your toddler in a play school rather than educating him at home. 

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Playschools mean both learning and playing

As we have said earlier- playschools aren’t just a place where kids will always play and play. Yes, places like Pipschools do arrange for special game classes, but even then, those games are meant to promote the physical and the cognitive development in the toddlers. Teachers sing songs, use play cards, and other types of mind games to teach kids about the basics of education. The combination of visual and audio lessons helps them to remember the teachings for longer times.

  • The teachers have proper certificates for dealing with the toddler’s education

When you are choosing a reputed play school near me, you will find that the teachers are all certified in dealing with babies and toddlers. Hence, they are well experienced in handling the tantrums of the toddlers and soothing them when they become stubborn. These teachers have a high level of patience which allows them to deal with special kids like introverts, slow learners, etc. 

  • A playschool is an ultimate platform for the overall growth of the kid

In the playschool, your child will not only learn about the English alphabets or the mathematical numbers. He will not just learn how to pronounce various words and speak in proper sentences. Instead, he will learn painting, calligraphy, and sports that he likes, chess, scrabbles, and so on. So, you see a playschool promotes an overall development in the child, starting with his social-interactive skills to his psychological-imaginative powers.


As a parent, it is your responsibility to look out for the well-being of your kid but not at the cost of their growth and future. That’s why work hard to choose the perfect playschool and get them admitted at the earliest.

Why are nursery schools important for the development of babies?

Babies and toddlers always need special care. Be it in the foods you are giving or the books you are using to teach them. For this reason, preschools and nurseries have been set up around. The country to help parents enhance the developments in the kids. 

However, surveys have shown that. About sixty percent of the Indian parents are reluctant to send the children to the best nursery School near me. Well, there are indeed several reasons, but that’s a discussion for another day. Today, we will talk about those unheard benefits of a preschool which will change your entire perception about the nurseries. 

Teaches children to follow the rules and directions 

One of the significant benefits of the preschools. Is that they will help your kids to become obedient in following the rules and directions told to them by the elders. In most of the nurseries. Like Pipschools, strict rules are maintained for children who behave disobediently. And don’t listen to the teachers and the faculty staff. 

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Teaches the importance of discipline in life

Parents, as well as teachers, need to teach the importance of discipline to their kids. And, it is best done in the preschools. As the infrastructure allows the teachers to practice strict discipline within the school premises. So, your kid will not only learn about behaving properly with everyone. But also he will learn to respect others, including elders, classmates, and even you. 

Enhances both social and emotional development 

Children are quite vulnerable. Their emotions always stay at the upfront. One single trigger and they will show what’s going on in mind without any hesitation. This is where the best nursery School near me comes to the rescue. In such schools, the curriculum is arranged in a way. Where the children can learn how to control their emotions and perceive everything rationally. Apart from this, the kids are taught how to interact with others harmoniously and politely, socially. 

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Lessons are taught via games

One of the main problems of teaching the toddlers is that they usually don’t find interest in books and words. That’s why preschools always arrange for a curriculum where educational lessons are taught based on various games. Be it the physical activities or the mind games. 

best nursery School near me


These are a few benefits of admitting your kids to a preschool – PIPSchools. Apart from these, there are several other benefits too which differ from one kid to others. So, never hesitate to choose a nursery school for your toddler who needs a proper environment for growth.

Tips to start a play school franchise

Many businesspersons who want to start an already established and lucrative business are looking for a way to start a preschool. This is why there has been an increase in franchises to start new playschools and daycares in India. 

However, no matter how profitable the business market is, as a starter, there are certain things you have to follow to get your business in order compliantly. That’s why today, we will be discussing specific tips that can help you start a play school franchise business smoothly without any hassle. 

Choose an Appropriate Location

Your primary job is to choose a proper location for your playschool. Since you will be opening the branch in a city, an appropriate place will help you gain more children. But, a random selection of sites isn’t going to play in your favor. So, here’s how you can select the place without compromising anything:

  • The area should be accessible via different transport modes
  • It shouldn’t be near busy and crowded areas like markets or malls
  • The environment should be hygienic and safe
  • It’s better to avoid choosing roadside places

Pay Extra Attention to the Décor of the Play School

Next, you have to think about the décor of the school carefully. One of the most important things that matter in getting a play school franchise easily is the place’s design. It should neither be too formal, like a high school nor too homey that the children forget the difference between the two areas. You can use different kinds of drawings on the wall to make the school look warmer and inviting. You can also go for colored desks and chairs to impart fun. 

Hire the Staff Carefully

People who work in playschools have proper certificates to handle children of such a young age. For example, if you notice the entire teaching and non-teaching staff of PIP schools, you will know that they are highly acquainted with handling children and their mood swings. So, make sure you choose people who know how to treat children properly without causing them any trauma. 

  • Formulate a Lesson Plan for both Physical and Mental Enhancement

Lastly, for receiving the play school franchise, you need to decide on a curriculum routine. Now, there are certain things you have to keep in mind while choosing this:

  • You need to include both physical and mind games
  • Art and craft should be there, at least in one form
  • Preliminary teaching classes should be there regularly
  • Include a playtime and a break time


Since the moment education became essential from an early age, the establishment of preschools and daycare centres also became too frequent. So, if you are looking for a franchise, do follow this discussion since it has got the fundamental knowledge you need. 

Why Your Child Needs A Kids Play School?

When you hear the word kids play school, what is the first thing that comes to your mind? Do you think why your kid needs to go to a school at such a small age? Or, you think what a playschool can teach your child at this age? 

If these are your concerns then you are probably at the right place. To get your answers before you start to search ‘kids play school near me‘ on the internet.

kids play school- Peas in Pod

Pros of Kids Play Schools

  • Playschools are a place where your kid begins to learn new thing. That develops acuriosity in them to know more about different things in their surroundings which helps them to grow mentally.
  • Playschools help them to interact socially. It helps them to make new friends and become comfortable in social gatherings.
  • They learn to follow instructions in playschools along with learning. How to share their food and things with their friends and everyone.
  • It helps them to stay in the discipline since their childhood. And they grow up to be a punctual kid for the rest of their lives.
  • It will help them to get prepared for their kindergarten. Smoothen the transition into the next step of their development. By the time they are in an actual school. They will learn to survive without their parents for a few hours. And they will be able to adapt to different atmospheres other than their home.
kids play school- PIP Schools

  • It will help them to take care of themselves and others around them. They will eventually learn to become independent in a few things of their day to day life.
  • It will open them to participate in different activities and become confident. They will learn various aspects of their personalities.
  • They will become active that will help them to stay healthy and fit. In the right playschool, they will even develop a habit of doing exercise every day which is a good thing.
  • It will also help them to open up at an emotional level. They will learn how to express their feelings and develop emotionally, which is necessary for them to understand. 
  • It will not only help your kids, but it will also help you to understand the interests of your child. During various activities, you will know, what your kid is good at. You will get an idea about which direction you should push them for a bright future. 
kids play school-PIP School

So, these are a few things your kid will learn in a playschool- PIP Schools. And these are the reasons you should send your kids to a playschool before you send them to kindergarten. 

And as you start looking for the best kids play school near me. Do not forget to get in touch with PIP School. Which is the best in your area for you and your kids. 

Why kids play school is better than home education?

Often new parents ask whether they should educate their child at home or should they look for playschools. Both of these ideas have cons and pros. But, in recent years, it has been observed that the playschools are far better than tutoring your child at home for kindergarten. 

Kids play school helps in the toddlers’ mental, physical, and emotional growth, thereby preparing them for their upcoming kindergarten years. Since most of you are not aware of the benefits of the playschools, here are some of its perks which you can enjoy. 

Play schools ensure the emotional and moral growth of toddlers

If both of you are working, you won’t give enough time to your children. As a result, they won’t become emotionally strong. Also, no one will be there to teach them about morals and values. After all, how much can a book teach a kid about the lessons of life? Playschools help in both the emotional and moralistic growth of the toddlers. 

They give basic education via play classes

The preliminary education given to the kids is very was time for their cognitive brain development. For example, toddlers are taught to fix broken sentences in the playschools only. Similarly, the abacus is taught to the kids during their playschool years, making them proficient in simple calculations. 

Children learn to work in a team in coordination 

In home school, your child might learn about mathematics or English or morals. But, they won’t ever learn about working in a team and coordinating with other children. However, if you are putting your toddler in kids play school, they can learn more about team projects and how to work in coordination with others. This will further improve their social behaviour, amongst others. 

They learn the importance of discipline as well as independence 

One particular lesson that you can never give to your child by home tutoring is following rules and being independent. When they are in a playschool, they can choose their favorite toy or game. On the other hand, they have to abide by the schools’ rules and maintain discipline during classes.

  • They develop kindness and empathy for others

Lastly, playschools like PIP schools, make sure that the children learn how to be kind to others, and show empathy. These two morals are ingrained in them from their early childhood. As a result, they become a proper human in the later future. 


After learning all these reasons, you can now understand how vital kids playschool is for the toddlers. So, find the best school in your area and immediately fill up the admission form. 

Tips for choosing the best play school near me

  • Since the moment primary education became crucial for toddlers, many playschools have been set up in every city. Moreover, these playschools offer babysitting and teaching and games for children whose parents are working a job. This is the reason why most couples start looking for the best school nearby. However, there is a little glitch that you must know. For finding the perfect play school near me, you have to let go of your habit of random selection. Instead, you have to work a little extra and complete your homework about strategizing the list you have made.
  • To help you in your work, here, we have mentioned some of the ways how you can narrow down the names to a single one. 

Staff present in the school

One of the most important factors to consider is the staff of the play school near me. Since playschools are for toddlers, handling them needs special skills and knowledge. This is why you cannot choose a school where the staff lacks warmth, compassion, and empathy. These are some of the qualities to look for in a playschool staff:

  • Can take care of the toddlers effectively
  • Will attend to every kid with equal focus
  • Will be able to make practical decisions at a time of emergency
  • Won’t bias children based on certain factors

Ambiance of the elementary institute

The next thing you should be attentive to is the ambiance of the school. It should neither have a formal environment like a high school with strict rules and punishments nor lenient like homes. If you think that a particular playschool can teach your kid about morality and his study lessons, choose that name over everyone. Playschools like PIP schools, always take care of the ambiance and make the children comfortable and feel safe. 

Location of the playschool

Another unique factor you need to look for is the school’s perfect location in the city. Here are some of the things you need to be careful about while picking up the site:

  • Do not choose roadside sites since the heavy traffic might be a disturbance
  • It’s best to select schools near your residence
  • While selecting the area, make sure it has a park or playground for outdoor activities

Curriculum routine of the school

The last thing to consider while choosing the best play school near me is the curriculum routine. It should contain both mind games and outdoor sports every alternative day. Teaching classes should be included in the routine. Indoor exercises need to be there to enhance the physical stamina of the toddlers. 


When it comes to your kid, being paranoid is very common for parents. However, if you don’t become rational and start judging the playschools based on the facts mentioned here, you would never come down to a single name. So, get ready to do your homework once again!