Why Your Child Needs A Kids Play School?

When you hear the word kids play school, what is the first thing that comes to your mind? Do you think why your kid needs to go to a school at such a small age? Or, you think what a playschool can teach your child at this age? 

If these are your concerns then you are probably at the right place. To get your answers before you start to search ‘kids play school near me‘ on the internet.

kids play school- Peas in Pod

Pros of Kids Play Schools

  • Playschools are a place where your kid begins to learn new thing. That develops acuriosity in them to know more about different things in their surroundings which helps them to grow mentally.
  • Playschools help them to interact socially. It helps them to make new friends and become comfortable in social gatherings.
  • They learn to follow instructions in playschools along with learning. How to share their food and things with their friends and everyone.
  • It helps them to stay in the discipline since their childhood. And they grow up to be a punctual kid for the rest of their lives.
  • It will help them to get prepared for their kindergarten. Smoothen the transition into the next step of their development. By the time they are in an actual school. They will learn to survive without their parents for a few hours. And they will be able to adapt to different atmospheres other than their home.
kids play school- PIP Schools

  • It will help them to take care of themselves and others around them. They will eventually learn to become independent in a few things of their day to day life.
  • It will open them to participate in different activities and become confident. They will learn various aspects of their personalities.
  • They will become active that will help them to stay healthy and fit. In the right playschool, they will even develop a habit of doing exercise every day which is a good thing.
  • It will also help them to open up at an emotional level. They will learn how to express their feelings and develop emotionally, which is necessary for them to understand. 
  • It will not only help your kids, but it will also help you to understand the interests of your child. During various activities, you will know, what your kid is good at. You will get an idea about which direction you should push them for a bright future. 
kids play school-PIP School

So, these are a few things your kid will learn in a playschool- PIP Schools. And these are the reasons you should send your kids to a playschool before you send them to kindergarten. 

And as you start looking for the best kids play school near me. Do not forget to get in touch with PIP School. Which is the best in your area for you and your kids. 

Why kids play school is better than home education?

Often new parents ask whether they should educate their child at home or should they look for playschools. Both of these ideas have cons and pros. But, in recent years, it has been observed that the playschools are far better than tutoring your child at home for kindergarten. 

Kids play school helps in the toddlers’ mental, physical, and emotional growth, thereby preparing them for their upcoming kindergarten years. Since most of you are not aware of the benefits of the playschools, here are some of its perks which you can enjoy. 

Play schools ensure the emotional and moral growth of toddlers

If both of you are working, you won’t give enough time to your children. As a result, they won’t become emotionally strong. Also, no one will be there to teach them about morals and values. After all, how much can a book teach a kid about the lessons of life? Playschools help in both the emotional and moralistic growth of the toddlers. 

They give basic education via play classes

The preliminary education given to the kids is very was time for their cognitive brain development. For example, toddlers are taught to fix broken sentences in the playschools only. Similarly, the abacus is taught to the kids during their playschool years, making them proficient in simple calculations. 

Children learn to work in a team in coordination 

In home school, your child might learn about mathematics or English or morals. But, they won’t ever learn about working in a team and coordinating with other children. However, if you are putting your toddler in kids play school, they can learn more about team projects and how to work in coordination with others. This will further improve their social behaviour, amongst others. 

They learn the importance of discipline as well as independence 

One particular lesson that you can never give to your child by home tutoring is following rules and being independent. When they are in a playschool, they can choose their favorite toy or game. On the other hand, they have to abide by the schools’ rules and maintain discipline during classes.

  • They develop kindness and empathy for others

Lastly, playschools like PIP schools, make sure that the children learn how to be kind to others, and show empathy. These two morals are ingrained in them from their early childhood. As a result, they become a proper human in the later future. 


After learning all these reasons, you can now understand how vital kids playschool is for the toddlers. So, find the best school in your area and immediately fill up the admission form. 

Tips for choosing the best play school near me

  • Since the moment primary education became crucial for toddlers, many playschools have been set up in every city. Moreover, these playschools offer babysitting and teaching and games for children whose parents are working a job. This is the reason why most couples start looking for the best school nearby. However, there is a little glitch that you must know. For finding the perfect play school near me, you have to let go of your habit of random selection. Instead, you have to work a little extra and complete your homework about strategizing the list you have made.
  • To help you in your work, here, we have mentioned some of the ways how you can narrow down the names to a single one. 

Staff present in the school

One of the most important factors to consider is the staff of the play school near me. Since playschools are for toddlers, handling them needs special skills and knowledge. This is why you cannot choose a school where the staff lacks warmth, compassion, and empathy. These are some of the qualities to look for in a playschool staff:

  • Can take care of the toddlers effectively
  • Will attend to every kid with equal focus
  • Will be able to make practical decisions at a time of emergency
  • Won’t bias children based on certain factors

Ambiance of the elementary institute

The next thing you should be attentive to is the ambiance of the school. It should neither have a formal environment like a high school with strict rules and punishments nor lenient like homes. If you think that a particular playschool can teach your kid about morality and his study lessons, choose that name over everyone. Playschools like PIP schools, always take care of the ambiance and make the children comfortable and feel safe. 

Location of the playschool

Another unique factor you need to look for is the school’s perfect location in the city. Here are some of the things you need to be careful about while picking up the site:

  • Do not choose roadside sites since the heavy traffic might be a disturbance
  • It’s best to select schools near your residence
  • While selecting the area, make sure it has a park or playground for outdoor activities

Curriculum routine of the school

The last thing to consider while choosing the best play school near me is the curriculum routine. It should contain both mind games and outdoor sports every alternative day. Teaching classes should be included in the routine. Indoor exercises need to be there to enhance the physical stamina of the toddlers. 


When it comes to your kid, being paranoid is very common for parents. However, if you don’t become rational and start judging the playschools based on the facts mentioned here, you would never come down to a single name. So, get ready to do your homework once again!

Preschool Franchise as a Business Opportunities in 2022

Many of you have an interest in starting a play school on your name or start preschool franchise. Well, it is undoubtedly an excellent idea to provide education and do something to make society better. But, from a business point of view, starting the school from scratch is not a very lucrative solution in this current scenario. 

What other options do you have other than doing everything an entrepreneur would do to launch his own business?

The answer that we have might seem to be upsetting now, but you won’t say the same once we are done with this article.  Taking up a preschool franchise is the only option you have for success in the education industry without any hassle. Peas in Pod preschool is most trusted pre school & daycare in Noida & Greater Noida.

Preschool franchise- pip schools

But, let’s not jump to conclusions yet because here, we will be discussing the perks of such a franchise. So, let’s begin!

Be the Owner of Your Own Business with No One’s Involvement

When you look for school jobs, you aim for two things: earning money and fulfilling your teaching passion. But, in that case, you won’t be your boss since you will be working for someone else. 

However, in a preschool franchise in Noida and Delhi NCR like Peas in Pod preschool & daycare, you will share the name of the business. But no one will tell you how to run your school and what to do. So, with a preschool franchise, you can be your boss and teach at the same time. 

Peas in Pod

Chances of the Franchise Going To Losses Is Minimal

No matter what the success rate is, every industry or business is going to have at least one percent chance of failure or more. However, the preschools fall within that one perfect category, and hence, chances of it running in losses are almost nonexistent. 

Guidance Will Be Offered At Every Step without Any Cost

One of the main benefits of taking up a preschool franchisePeas in Pod is that the business chain’s main head will help you with pieces of advice and guidelines at every step. After all, if your school fails to impress the parents, it will not only create a wrong impression on your image but also tarnish the franchise owner’s image.

It Will Prove To Be An Investment In The Long Run

Setting up a preschool business with a franchise’s help might seem to be an expensive idea right now. But, if you take a look at the bigger picture, you will realize that it’s an investment and very much budget efficient. 

Peas in Pod


Running your own business is everyone’s dream. And to help you with that, Peas in Pod preschool & daycare have started to give out preschool franchisePIP Schools options to people who want to establish themselves in the education industry with fewer hassles.

How to estimate the play school set up cost?

When you want to start a new business, the first thing you think about is capital investment. Similarly, when you want to set up a playschool, you need to calculate the entire setup cost, starting from buying the land to hiring the teachers, and so on. However, most people find this particular requirement to be quite overwhelming and not in a good way. This is why, in this article, we will be discussing how you can have an estimate of the play school set up cost. So, without wasting any more time, let’s have a look!

play school set up cost

Cost of buying or renting the land

Your first task will be to look for an amiable land where you can build the playschool. Since buying or leasing land is not a matter of a few thousand bucks, it is essential to consider your play school set up cost. The charges of taking a land depend from one state to the other. You will also have to talk with the land registry department regarding the registration costs if you are buying the land. For those who plan to take land on lease, make sure you are not making a lost deal.

play school set up cost

Construction of the playschool

The next cost estimate that you have to consider is for the construction of the playschool. Sometimes, people choose an established building to avoid this hurdle since that reduces the time and effort. However, even if you are buying a building, there are certain parts that you have to construct like a playground, indoor gaming area, and so on. For these, the costs will vary accordingly. 

Décor and designs of interiors and the outdoors

Since you already know that you cannot keep the indoors or the outdoors plain white, you must consider the décor cost properly. For example, painting the walls will be cheaper than drawing arts on the wall. Similarly, regular wooden desks and chairs will not cost you as much as colored tables and chairs. Playschool groups like PIP schools always prefer to make the ambiance as soothing as possible even if it means spending a few extra bucks for the décor. 

Hiring the staff

Next, you have to hire the staff, including daycare teachers, security guards, toilet cleaner, etc. For hiring these professionals, you have to ensure that you are not compromising the quality of the playschool by selecting random staff to save a couple of thousands from the budget plan. 

Inclusion of special features in the school

If you want a centrally air-conditioned playschool, you have to spend more on the setup. Again, if you install CCTV cameras in every classroom and the outsides, you need to calculate the costing beforehand. So, whatever features you will include, do not forget to consider them in your budget strategy. 


We understand that setting up a playschool is not easy. But, if you plan your costs thoroughly step by step, you will come up with a near about estimate, which will prove beneficial to you. 

How to develop skills in kids with nursery franchise?

Every parent aspires to bring up their kids in a happier environment This helps in motivating along with developing motor and learning skills. It’s required at a young age and learning always happens from a tender age, and that is possible by making them learn creatively using various advanced technologies in a playful atmosphere. Kids studying in a nursery franchise are performing far better in various skills than those from the traditional schools.

nursery franchise-peas in pod

Preschools managed by the franchise are in a position to provide high-quality education. All these skills learned will help the kids to move with better pre-reading skills, speaking skills, recognition, identification, and others. Some of the benefits gained by nursery franchise Peas in Pod are as following:

1. Digitization

Playschools mostly prefer to teach the kids in a digitalized way. Which helps them to concentrate on what they are reading with the picture representation and stored in the brain of the kids. This helps in developing identification skills. This digitization also helps them. In identifying various colors along with the shades. This is not provided in the traditional schools. Digitization seems like a higher task in traditional schools.

2. Vocabulary skills

Playschools put a keen interest in teaching the speaking skills, and the schools that are through franchise concentrate on more latest and unique ways of teaching skills. An example of this is in previous years students. Thought to read the alphabets with pictures. But the latest trend followed by these playschools is teaching alphabets with sounds of each letter along with the display of the picture. This makes them learn quickly and also pronounce any word perfectly. This teaching makes them learn the words easier without much stress or effort.

3. Know the traditions

Even though the schools used to conduct various competitions, tiny tots were rarely given a chance to participate in them. With the evolving preschools, that made it possible for cute little kids to participate in various competitions. Specifically, which are conducted during festival time in India. These competitions not only help them in losing the stage fear but also help the kids in understanding the traditions and culture of India.

nursery franchise-Peas in pod

4. Regular follow-up

Preschools or playschools will follow, contact the parents, and know the development of each kid. In this way, social as well as academic skills developed in the kids. Teachers take all the responsibility to provide special attention to each kid to ensure and allow the kids in understanding the instructions that are shared in a group.

5. Emotional development

Playschools also help in the emotional development of the kids, which include necessary factors like compromising, respect to the friends and elders, problem-solving skills, and much more.

peas in pod

The above mentioned are few benefits gained through nursery franchise that helps in the development of the kid. PIP schools are one of those big franchises that pay attention to the kid’s development and also help the playschool owners by providing complete support.

Tips to Make Your Baby Love Their Playschool

Not every kid is friendly. There are children who take time to open up to the new environment like playschools. And if your kid is one of them and is never ready to go to their nearby play school, then you are in the right place because here in this piece, we are going to talk about tips on how to make your baby love their school and open up to different surroundings for their smooth development. 

Nearby play school- PIPSCHOOLS

All you need to do is to keep these things in mind and try them with your kid to get the desired results. 

  • Kids learn from their parents. So, if you want your child to love their playschool, you need to start doing things they will do in their playschool and give a push to their curiosity so that things become quite smooth for them.
  • Before you start sending your kid to a playschool, it is good to have small talks with them about the school. It will help you to know their fears if there are any and clear them on time and help them to get prepared for a change. 
  • On the first day of the school, when you are getting introduced to the teacher, it is good to step back a bit and let them form bonding with your kid so that they can become comfortable around the teacher and remain at ease when you are not around.
  • If you know the teacher well, you can start by creating a good image of the teacher in front of your kid because they believe what you say, and it will make them feel safe around that teacher when you are not there with them.
  • You should tell your kid about the activities they are going to do in their nearby play school – “PIPSCHOOLS” to boost their excitement for the place. You should tell them that they are going to have a fun time there so that they can become comfortable with the atmosphere. 
  • And, show some interest in their playschool in front of them because if you will show your interest they too will show it.

Tips to find the best pre nursery school for your child

When it comes to one’s child, people want to choose the best for them. Therefore, when it is about finding the right pre nursery school for your child, it is very common for parents to get confused between so many different pre-nursery schools. If you have been struggling to find the right school for your child then invest 7-8 minutes of your time to read the blog as it will help you find the best and cheapest play school franchise for your child.

Tips to find the best play school for your child

Find a school which is near to your house

The first and the most important tip to keep in mind while searching for the best and cheapest play school franchise for your child is, the school should be near to your house. This is necessary because traveling long distances for school on daily basis will make your child less energetic and less willing to go to school. Peas in Pod is one of the best-known pre nursery school for children.

pre nursery school-Peas in Pod

What is the teacher-student ratio in the class?

It is always better to look at the teacher-student ratio in the class. Parents should always settle for schools which have a 10:1 student-teacher ratio in the class. This is the ideal ration for the play school because small children require more teacher attention as compared to children of higher age-groups. The student-teacher ratio in Peas in Pod school is 8:1.

The curriculum of the school should be interactive & interesting

If you have finally made up your mind to send your child to a particular pre nursery school. Then do not forget to check the curriculum of the school. Always ensure that the syllabus of your school. Covers all the basic concepts a child must be taught when he/she begins to go to school. Pay attention to the teaching methods adopted by the teachers for the effective and joyful learning process.

Which extracurricular activities are there in the playschool?

Extracurricular activities play an equally important role in educators. The education always advises parents to pick such a pre nursery school. It offers lots of extracurricular activities. Such as sports, craft, dance, music, swimming, etc so that the child can develop overall.

pre nursery school-Peas in Pod

Facilities of the playschool

Last but definitely not the least; parents should not forget to inquire about the various facilities the school is providing for the students which include their safety as well. Check if the school transport has a nanny for the children, are there cameras installed in the school premises, does the school issue parent ID cards, etc.

Once you are through with all these questions and if you find the school stands up to your expectations then your last step is to inquire about the fee structure to ensure whether you can afford the same or not.

Playschool Franchise Benefits are Profitable than a Having Own Play School

Playschools are a huge requirement today that helps in molding the future of the tiny tots. Playschools in these days have also become a profitable business with top leaders ruling the preschool market. As time passed by huge number of formal schools entering the pre-school market, and their success is leading the industry and making playschool franchises as one of the most lucrative businesses.

playschool franchise benefits

Excellent playschool franchise benefits

Crucial playschool franchise benefits are turning the unorganized pre-school education into a more compelling and organized way. It profits the education system. And one of the best business opportunities. For young entrepreneurs who are wishing to invest in the education industry. Some of the benefits of the playschool franchise are:

1. Boss of your business

Playschool franchise fulfills your dreams to become an entrepreneur in a way similar to the other industries. Franchise-based is one of the best jobs for young entrepreneurs that lets them stay away from the regular 9 hours job. Stay happy being the boss of your own business. It gives less stress and more enjoyment with the little darlings.

2. Provides guidance

One of the extensive playschool franchise benefits is that they provide excellent guidance. If you are a newcomer in the franchised business- PIP School. Complete advice and support are provided by the playschool franchise. Always a positive thing that helps to be successful in the education business. This guidance helps in avoiding the mistakes that are usually done by newcomers. Assistance is highly necessary for some of the areas that include infrastructure requirements, management recruitment, and other key-factors to run it in the booming path.

playschool franchise benefits

3. Always on the success path

The low investment required in the playschool franchise is somewhere between 10 to 25 lakhs, it always depends on the esteem of the franchise brand. The success may not be immediate. It takes little effort and time to reach the breakthrough point. To date, there are no instances where a franchise was into a loss.

4. Make use of unused space

If you are a landlord of the unused space, they can make it beneficial by using it for a playschool franchise. If one can meet the ground level criteria of a franchising brand. The unused space is made in the best useful way by monetizing it.

Quality education is necessary

Quality education is provided by the playschool franchising, apart from that being one of the best business models as the first level of education is crucial in every student’s life.

playschool franchise benefits

Peas in Pods is one of the playschool franchise. Best to pick as it helps the newcomers with the best of the best playschool franchise benefits. They help their franchisers from planning, checking the site, sourcing all the required raw materials for a playschool, interior designs, academic planners, teaching aids along with the activity sheets.