Tips to find the best pre nursery school for your child

When it comes to one’s child, people want to choose the best for them. Therefore, when it is about finding the right pre nursery school for your child, it is very common for parents to get confused between so many different pre-nursery schools. If you have been struggling to find the right school for your child then invest 7-8 minutes of your time to read the blog as it will help you find the best and cheapest play school franchise for your child.

Tips to find the best play school for your child

Find a school which is near to your house

The first and the most important tip to keep in mind while searching for the best and cheapest play school franchise for your child is, the school should be near to your house. This is necessary because traveling long distances for school on daily basis will make your child less energetic and less willing to go to school. Peas in Pod is one of the best-known pre nursery school for children.

pre nursery school-Peas in Pod

What is the teacher-student ratio in the class?

It is always better to look at the teacher-student ratio in the class. Parents should always settle for schools which have a 10:1 student-teacher ratio in the class. This is the ideal ration for the play school because small children require more teacher attention as compared to children of higher age-groups. The student-teacher ratio in Peas in Pod school is 8:1.

The curriculum of the school should be interactive & interesting

If you have finally made up your mind to send your child to a particular pre nursery school. Then do not forget to check the curriculum of the school. Always ensure that the syllabus of your school. Covers all the basic concepts a child must be taught when he/she begins to go to school. Pay attention to the teaching methods adopted by the teachers for the effective and joyful learning process.

Which extracurricular activities are there in the playschool?

Extracurricular activities play an equally important role in educators. The education always advises parents to pick such a pre nursery school. It offers lots of extracurricular activities. Such as sports, craft, dance, music, swimming, etc so that the child can develop overall.

pre nursery school-Peas in Pod

Facilities of the playschool

Last but definitely not the least; parents should not forget to inquire about the various facilities the school is providing for the students which include their safety as well. Check if the school transport has a nanny for the children, are there cameras installed in the school premises, does the school issue parent ID cards, etc.

Once you are through with all these questions and if you find the school stands up to your expectations then your last step is to inquire about the fee structure to ensure whether you can afford the same or not.

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