Tips for choosing the perfect playschool curriculum for your kid

India is gradually becoming advanced in terms of education because of which you can see so many different schools and colleges being setup in every corner of the country. But, a decade ago, preliminary education was frowned upon as many expert people said a child’s primary education should be in a secondary or a higher secondary school. However, their vision became a curse for children because they had to handle a lot of pressure as compared to their age. For searching play school in your near by are you can search “play school near my location” on google.

This is when many entrepreneurs came forth with the idea of creating preschools for babies and toddlers. These schools run on a completely different curriculum, which includes several factors essential for the growth of a child in his early years. Rather than burdening a kid with lots of home works and lessons, playschools focus on the interim development of a child.

That’s why you need to pay extra attention to the curriculum of the chosen play school near my location. Here, in this article, we will discuss some of the points that will help you in the long run for choosing a school whose curriculum will match with your kid’s needs.

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The curriculum must be a mix of fun and study

The very first criterion to match with the curriculum is the presence of both fun elements and study lessons in equal proportions. The schedule must not contain too many educational classes since that will scare your child. Also, it shouldn’t have too many fun classes which will destroy the discipline of the playschool.

  • It should have interactive sessions and group works

No matter what kind of curriculum you love, the one you will choose should have interactive classes like telling about hobbies, what the kids did at the weekends, and other such activities. Also, it should accommodate group classes like group projects, paintings, and so on.

  • The curriculum must have different styles of learning

Not every kid can learn a certain thing at the same rate. So, make sure that the playschool’s curriculum has options for different learning styles, like special classes for slow learners, or for kids who are quite stubborn to learn anything. Playschools like Pipschools focus on such learning schedules where the teachers will be able to focus on different kids based on their capability and development rate.

  • It should be formulated by a preschool expert

Lastly, always choose a play school near my location whose curriculum has been designed by a child expert. It can be a child psychologist or a preschool certificate holder. This will ensure that the curriculum has all the features of a standard preliminary school.


Since your baby wouldn’t understand what the meaning of higher education is or how to hold the pencil in a proper way, you need a school which will work on her flaws as well as virtues and develop them accordingly. And for this, you have to pay attention to the curriculum of the play school.

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