How a play school is different from home education?

In today’s world, finding the best play school is a real challenge, one that parents are quite wary of. They know that their one small mistake will have a huge consequence on their toddler’s life. That’s why many prefer home education till the time their kid becomes mature enough to get admitted in a kindergarten or a primary school. 

Even though they think that educating the kids at home is a good solution to their problems, in reality, home education can never meet the standards of a play school near me.

A play school might sound to be just a meagre institution where kids are allowed to play and play and play. But, if we delve deep, we will understand these are far different from just being a “play centre.” Considering this, we have decided to give an insight into the benefits of admitting your toddler in a play school rather than educating him at home. 

Play school near me

Playschools mean both learning and playing

As we have said earlier- playschools aren’t just a place where kids will always play and play. Yes, places like Pipschools do arrange for special game classes, but even then, those games are meant to promote the physical and the cognitive development in the toddlers. Teachers sing songs, use play cards, and other types of mind games to teach kids about the basics of education. The combination of visual and audio lessons helps them to remember the teachings for longer times.

  • The teachers have proper certificates for dealing with the toddler’s education

When you are choosing a reputed play school near me, you will find that the teachers are all certified in dealing with babies and toddlers. Hence, they are well experienced in handling the tantrums of the toddlers and soothing them when they become stubborn. These teachers have a high level of patience which allows them to deal with special kids like introverts, slow learners, etc. 

  • A playschool is an ultimate platform for the overall growth of the kid

In the playschool, your child will not only learn about the English alphabets or the mathematical numbers. He will not just learn how to pronounce various words and speak in proper sentences. Instead, he will learn painting, calligraphy, and sports that he likes, chess, scrabbles, and so on. So, you see a playschool promotes an overall development in the child, starting with his social-interactive skills to his psychological-imaginative powers.


As a parent, it is your responsibility to look out for the well-being of your kid but not at the cost of their growth and future. That’s why work hard to choose the perfect playschool and get them admitted at the earliest.

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