Most Trusted Corporate Day Care Provider in Delhi NCR

Corporate daycare is a recent trend in the corporate industry. The reason behind this is the various benefits that are associated with it. These benefits include giving women employees and working parents the freedom to work and be good mothers at the same time.

As a corporate daycare provider in Delhi NCR, Peas in Pod is a well-known brand in this business, providing excellent quality of service. A dedicated team of staff members is engaged with our daycare centre. We are a registered preschool & day care brand, which ensures that we are following all the rules and regulations for day care centers. We, at Peas in Pod, have a well-equipped and secured daycare centre, which is equipped to handle children of different ages.

Finding a daycare for your child can be a daunting task. Corporate daycare is a great option for many parents who work in the corporate sector. Choosing a good office daycare can make a huge difference in the life of your child.

Corporate Daycare Setup

Peas in Pod has been creating a lot of hype in the market as a trusted corporate daycare provider at affordable costs. We have been creating a lot of buzz by providing the best services to parents who work in corporate offices. In fact, we can set up daycare for more than one office in different locations. We are also well-known for providing customized corporate daycare plans for each of our clients who are looking for setting up daycare in their office.

After schools, corporate offices need to set up daycare facility for working mothers and those who have to accompany their children to work. While setting up a daycare facility may seem like an easy task, it is not something that one can do alone. Having the right experience and most importantly, the right expertise, is a must. Peas in Pod has set up daycare facilities for different companies in the last decade. Having worked with numerous companies and different clients, we have perfect understanding of what every company needs. We have built a daycare facility for a corporate office in Delhi NCR.

Some of our clients are concerned with setting up daycare at their corporate office. Here we talks about the process and steps behind set-up a corporate day care in your office. It also highlights how Peas in Pod is a trusted and experienced provider of corporate day care services in Delhi-NCR area.

You spend a such a large portion of your time working that it makes sense you would want to spend a part of that time with your children. However, with so much work and so little time, this is easier said than done. Thankfully, Indian daycare centers are holding their own with the best international standards. Corporate offices are becoming more and more child-friendly with the number of working mothers and fathers increasing. Peas in Pod has been a reputable and trusted corporate daycare provider for the last 5+ years at different locations in Delhi NCR.


The objective of setting up daycare in corporate offices with the help of experienced service provider, it helps employee retention and motivated workers who are struggling to balance the demands of work with the responsibilities of parenting, on-site daycare helps new parents return to work more easily. Peas in Pod has 5+ years of expertise setting up daycare in corporate offices at affordable cost. We can start full-fledged operations within 20 days.

If you would like to find out more about Peas in Pod’s Corporate Daycare in Greater Noida & Delhi NCR, then please feel free to contact us or visit the website.

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