How to Choose Best Play School Near Your Place?

Every kid has their own needs. And that’s why you pick the best play school near you. Based on some referrals you have got, there are certain rules for choosing the best preschool in Noida Extension, something which we will discuss today. In this article, we will talk about the factors which you should consider before you pick a reliable and secure preschool & daycare for your child. 

When it comes down to your kid’s needs, you can never make compromises, right?

For example, you always try to provide the best nutrition to your toddler so that he/she can stay healthy and safe. Similarly, you make sure that his/her needs are fulfilled to the best so that he/she can develop properly. if you are always being so caring with your kid, why are you choosing a pre-school randomly?

best preschool in noida extension

So, without wasting any further time, let’s get into the details. 

Check the Staff and the Faculty

Your priority will be the staff and the faculty team. The teachers teaching at a preschool are different than the ones you can find in regular schools. Make sure the teachers are polite and patient with the kids. Also, check the way of communication between the students and the teachers to ensure that your kid won’t feel left out.

Peas in Pod

Go Through the Curriculum Plans

Your next job is to go through the curriculum plans for the particular academic year. You can either look into the online plans or visit the school in person to check the routines. Here are some things which should be present in the curriculum:

  • Break time and extra playtime
  • A mixed routine of games and studies
  • Preliminary interactive classes for all kids
  • Playgroup exercises 

Always Choose a School Which Practices Safety

To choose the best preschool in noida extension, you have to check with the safety standards of the school. There should be security guards at the gate along with CCTV cameras everywhere – Peas in Pod Preschool & Daycare. both at the exterior and interiors of the premises. You also have to ensure that the children are not allowed to leave any time during school and also after school without their guardians. Playschools like preschools always ensure that their security is of the top-notch so that no kid can feel unsafe. 

Check the Environment and the Infrastructure

No matter how much the school entices you, you better check with the infrastructure before taking the final decision – Peas in Pod Preschool in Greater Noida West (Noida Extension) area. You need to check whether the chosen nursery has all the facilities that a preschool should have. 


For parents, it is mandatory to ensure that their babies are going to the best pre-school. But, as a parent, you must ensure that the chosen best play school is perfect for your kid. 

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